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Local SEO Is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

Local SEO increases visibility of your business by driving your website to the top of local listings. If you have a local business, you need geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted local rankings that will launch your company to reach the target customer demographic in your market.


Through our local search engine optimization (SEO) services, we can help your business achieve higher rankings in your local search results. No matter if you have a single location serving a local community or multiple locations across the state or country, we have proven strategies and tactics to help you rise above your competition.

Comprehensive Local SEO Campaigns for Local Businesses

Our local SEO packages are designed for local businesses wanting the ultimate SEO campaign which delivers powerful ranking results by combining 4 of our services into one package. Whether you want to rank a new or existing website, our local SEO packages are the ultimate choice for local businesses.

Local Citations

Local citations from trusted local directories help your website to rank in the local search engine results.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach provides high power backlinks from real blogs in your niche for powerful ranking results.

Link Pyramids

Link pyramids give your website the link diversity and anchor text diversity needed for a natural looking campaign.

Press Releases

Press releases create brand exposure, authority backlinks and traffic to your company’s products and services.

Local SEO Package Features

Our local SEO packages have some SEOTrustly features.

Trusted Authority Websites

All of the services within our local SEO packages involve creating links on very high quality and high authority websites. This gives your website a lot of traction in the search engines.

Natural Link Patterns

Our local SEO packages have been designed to duplicate natural link building patterns and at the same time deliver very powerful results in the search engine rankings.

Diverse Backlink Profile

Our local SEO packages create the most diverse link profile possible by combining all of our most powerful services into one package. There are many different link types and each site has its own unique architecture.

Drip Fed Backlinks

The speed and sequence whereby each service is carried out has been cleverly designed and tested by our team to deliver a steady flow of backlinks for safe and natural results.

Safe Long-Term Strategy

The strategy behind our local SEO packages not only delivers fast and powerful results, it is also very safe for both new and old websites so your clients see results for years to come.

Relevant Quality Content

All content we write as part of our local SEO packages is highly relevant to your brand. This relevancy combined with high power backlinks drives unstoppable ranking results for your website.

Powerful Local SEO Campaigns with SeoTrustly Pricing

No Contracts – Start Your Local SEO Campaign Within Minutes – Then Forget About Link Building


Local SEO Package


Per Month

GMB Optimization
Bing/Apple Map SEO
Local citations x10
Local links – NA
Onpage SEO x 1 page
Schema Markup
Keyword tracking x 5
Monthly reporting


Local SEO Package


Per Month

GMB Optimization
Bing/Apple Map SEO
Local citations x20
Local links x 1
Onpage SEO x 3 pages
Schema Markup
Keyword tracking x 10
Monthly reporting


Local SEO Package


Per Month

GMB Optimization
Bing/Apple Map SEO
Local citations x30
Local links x 2-3
Onpage SEO x 5 pages
Schema Markup
Keyword tracking x 20
Monthly reporting

Questions & Answers

Is this a good local SEO strategy?

Our local SEO packages create the ultimate SEO campaign for your local business. All strategies within our local SEO packages have been designed and tested to deliver powerful ranking results in a very safe way for the most affordable prices possible. Although our services are designed for SEO results, they can also bring a lot of traffic and business through direct blogger outreach, business directory listings and press releases published and republished around the internet so they should be thought of as a complete marketing strategy for your local business with huge ROI potential.

What are primary and secondary keywords?

Primary keywords are search terms you are trying to rank for. Secondary keywords are keywords which add diversity to your campaign and naturalize your backlink and anchor text profile. We recommend that you provide at least the minimum amount of secondary keywords recommended in the optimization table above to keep your campaign as diverse and natural as possible.

How does this compare to a guest posting service?

Our blogger outreach service is better than a guest posting service as the links that we create will be embedded naturally within the body of the content, instead of within the author bio section of typical guest blog post.

Can I change my keywords each month?

Yes you can and we highly recommend you do so too to keep your campaign looking natural. You can easily change your keywords for next month’s promotion via your campaign ticket which is assigned to your campaign manager and of course request help if you need it.

So, How do you Build Links for Me?

As professionals in the industry, we know that the best links come from the traditional approach. By this, we mean that they reside within quality, organic content. We have a well-trained and experienced SEO team which performs outreach with a variety of different companies, bloggers and influencers all across the internet. They are always relevant to your industry and can help to promote a wide selection of various topics. We create a piece of editorial exclusively for mentions of your brand, ensuring that each link performs in a way that protects you and puts you in the best possible light. Regardless of the package, you choose when working with us, we use white-hat linking techniques to ensure success.

Can You Guarantee 1st Place On Search Results?

Our powers are great, but the first place is never a guarantee. SEO is a fluid entity which evolves and changes constantly. You should be wary of agencies which promise top rankings. We aim to put you as high up the list as we can but do not guarantee a top rank. It is both impossible to achieve every time and misleading to you as a customer.

What Technical SEO Services Do You Offer?

The first few months of our relationship are critical, and so we do not waste your time. We conduct technical SEO on your site, to make it friendly for Google and rank higher. This process sees us optimise your website, add plugins where necessary, introduce keywords and create organic content. Part of our job, where applicable, is to remove the unsatisfactory work of previous agencies — for example, taking away toxic material which only serves to rank you artificially, and eliminating harmful backlinks which damage your reputation.

Need Help Setting Up?

If you’re not sure which plan to choose, or want extra assistance choosing the right keywords to promote, just send us an email or talk to us on Skype, live:seotrustly and we’ll help you get started.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions that haven’t been answered above, they may have already been answered in our general FAQ. If not, please contact us and a member of our support team will get back to you.