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What does SEO stand for?

As you may know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what does that mean? And what does search engine optimization entail? In short, SEO is focused upon acquiring website traffic and high search result rankings organically. By organic, we mean without paying for web traffic via pay-per-click ads, among other methods. Within SEO, there’s a wide variety of strategies to accomplish the aforementioned goals—some of which are more effective than others. This could be anything from developing website content around keywords related to your industry to maintaining a strong presence across multiple social media platforms. SEO practices and strategies are constantly changing to remain effective as internet search engines continuously update algorithms.

Of course, SEO is only as effective as the strategies used, and to determine the strategies that perform well and those that don’t, an SEO strategist (or just plain SEO) needs to monitor the success of their strategies through accurate analytics. We provide precise analytics and website stats for our valued members so they can make effective decisions as to where to go with their SEO strategies. Of course, we also work to provide insightful resources for those looking to delve into SEO. Having said that, let’s take a look at what SEO stands for, what it entails, and some key tips for those just getting started.

Is this a good SEO strategy?

Our SEO packages are very powerful, white hat strategy which we’ve designed to bring real ranking results in the safest possible way for the most affordable prices on the market. We don’t cut corners on quality either, each service that goes into our SEO packages is of a very high quality standard has undergone years of testing and refinement. Additionally, our packages are not only designed to bring solid SEO results, but more as an overall marketing strategy which brings traffic and brand awareness too from real authority websites.

Can I change my keywords each month?

Yes you can and we highly recommend you do so too to keep your campaign looking natural. You can easily change your keywords for next month’s promotion via your campaign ticket which is assigned to your campaign manager and of course request help if you need it.

What are primary and secondary keywords?

Primary keywords are search terms you are trying to rank for. Secondary keywords are keywords which add diversity to your campaign and naturalize your backlink and anchor text profile. We recommend that you provide at least the minimum amount of secondary keywords recommended in the optimization table above to keep your campaign as diverse and natural as possible.

Can You Guarantee 1st Place On Search Results?

Our powers are great, but the first place is never a guarantee. SEO is a fluid entity which evolves and changes constantly. You should be wary of agencies which promise top rankings. We aim to put you as high up the list as we can but do not guarantee a top rank. It is both impossible to achieve every time and misleading to you as a customer.

What is a blogger outreach service?

Reaching out to bloggers and securing blog posts is a very time-consuming task. You have to start by identifying relevant blogs in your niche and then pitch blog post ideas to them. After they have been approved you then have to write a high-quality content piece and hope that is approved by the target blog.

Our blogger outreach service takes the hassle out of this laborious process as we have spent years building relationships with thousands of blogs in just about every niche you can think of. We work in collaboration with blog owners and write a content piece that is suitable for publishing on their blog. Our posts are also published under the bloggers own name, so there’s no guest author boxes. This makes the content look incredibly natural and editorial.

Can I suggest my own blog post topic ideas?

Yes, when creating your order, you can enter any preferred content topics, ideas or angles you would like us to explore in the order form. Our team will then conduct their usual research and optimization processes around these topics to ensure the content can be found once published on your blog.

Do I get to approve blog posts before publishing?

Yes, after our team have drafted the blog posts, they will be uploaded to your dashboard for you to review. We will then happily make as many revisions to them as you want until you are totally happy, though in most cases our writers nail it the first time around. If you have any specific requests or you can discuss this with your campaign manager and they will be communicated to the writer working on your content.

Will you post them to my blog for me?

Yes, if using WordPress, you will be given the option to enter your login details when placing your order. Our team will only publish the posts after you have approved them, or if you prefer, we can save them as a draft if you would prefer to publish them in your own time.

Will the same writer be writing all of my blog posts?

We will try, but we cannot guarantee that the same writers will be available for all of your articles at any given time because we have many writers and many campaigns in progress at the same time.

Will the blog posts be spread out throughout the month?

Yes, they will. If you ordered a blog writing package which includes 4 posts per month, we will publish 1 post every week (or thereabouts). Or for 8 post packages, we will publish 2 posts a week, and so on. These can be scheduled out to be automatically published in the future based around these timeframes. We can either set this up for you if you provide your WordPress login information, or you can manage your publishing schedule yourself.

Is blogger outreach a safe strategy?

Yes, our outreach strategy is very safe and just about as good as it gets when it comes to manually securing natural and powerful white hat links from real authority websites. The blog posts are written in a very natural way which offer value to the blogs readers. This is not spammy content solely designed to get links. It is much more than that.

Our content is written in a way that delivers value to the blogs readers and actually ranks in the search engines. The bloggers who we have relationships will not accept anything which doesn’t deliver value to their readers.

How does this compare to a guest posting service?

Our blogger outreach service is better than a guest posting service as the links that we create will be embedded naturally within the body of the content, instead of within the author bio section of typical guest blog post.

What does DA stand for?

DA stands for Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a metric calculated by for all established websites on the internet. We use the DA metric to determine the quality of blogs we publish content to. Our blogger outreach service guarantees posts on blogs ranging from DA10+ to DA50+. A DA10+ post will guarantee a post on a blog with a DA of 10 or higher. A DA30+ post will guarantee a post on a blog with a DA of 30 or higher, and so on.

Can I review the content before it is posted?

Unfortunately not. In order for us to maintain our fast turnaround times and keep our processes as streamlined as possible, keep our costs down and pass those savings onto you, we cannot take requests to review the content before it is published.

Where are the links placed?

The links are real in-content links, meaning they are placed within the body of the content and nowhere else. We do not place your links within author boxes.

How does this compare to a guest posting service?

Our blogger outreach service is better than a guest posting service as the links that we create will be embedded naturally within the body of the content, instead of within the author bio section of typical guest blog post.

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